Welcome to our website.
We would like to inform you a bit more about our frenchies.

We are hobby breeders and find health, character and appearance very important. We have occasional a litter, the pups are the result of a carefully considered combination.

The puppies will be living at hour home so that they will have a solid base for the future.
Our puppies leave the nest when they are about 8 weeks old with:
- EU passport
- EKC or HBV certificate (is not FCI or ARFE!)
- Puppy package
- A basic full of love that we have already given;)

We will be very selective regarding potential buyers.
Our puppies will only be available for serious lovers of this breed, and we want to be sure that our puppies leave to a good home.
We will provide you with the best possible information about the French Bulldog, so you are aware of the responsibilities that a French Bulldog puppy has.

To view photos of our bulldogs, see the heading ' photo gallery '

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We will also inform you via our website with news, and planned litters.







Een pup is geen product, maar wordt door sommige fokkers wel zo gezien. Om te voorkomen dat je een pup koopt bij een foute fokker, met alle nadelige gevolgen van dien (ziekte/agressie/extra kosten), helpen we je op deze site bij het zoeken naar een FAIRPUP.


Do you have questions? Or would like some more information? Please feel free to contact us. Akkerlanden
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