About us

We are Dirk, Margree and Gerda (father, mother & daughter) together we have a hobby ..... French Bulldogs!!! When i was young (Gerda), we have had always had animals, we have lots of fun in our hobby. That is why we have decided to to buy 2 frenchies together. At this moment we have 5 french bulldog females. Sofie (retired), Ajana, Vesper, Macy and Bibi.

The French Bulldog is a fun companion dog, but needs a very consistent boss. They have a nice clown-like character.
They do not need hours to walk outside, but of course needs enough exercise. So if you live in a flat or an apartment is not a problem.




On our website we will keep you informed of news, planned litters and more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Een pup is geen product, maar wordt door sommige fokkers wel zo gezien. Om te voorkomen dat je een pup koopt bij een foute fokker, met alle nadelige gevolgen van dien (ziekte/agressie/extra kosten), helpen we je op deze site bij het zoeken naar een FAIRPUP.


Do you have questions? Or would like some more information? Please feel free to contact us. Akkerlanden
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